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Additional Child Support Information

Child Support Introduction

The Arizona Child Support Guidelines have recently been modified effective January 1, 2022.  The guidelines were modified to be more “user-friendly”, more descriptive, and to account for cost of living adjustments subsequent to the last time the guidelines were modified.  

Our Phoenix family law attorneys have a very detailed section regarding child support factors, how to calculate child support, how to modify child support, how to enforce child support and various considerations.  View the side bars on our website for a more detailed explanation. The following is a brief summary of information that will provide you with an introduction to the more detailed information.

How is Child Support Calculated in Arizona?

There are a number of factors used by the court to determine what amount of child support to award in a divorce or non-divorce child support case. Some of the factors the court considers include:

Is a Child Support Deviation Appropriate?

The Court has the discretion to deviate from the guidelines and award more or less than what the child support guidelines provide. Such is based upon the child’s standard of living in each household (and in comparison to a hypothetical intact household with both parents), special expenses for the child, the parties’ respective incomes and other factors. Such deviations are described in further detail in our website. 

Who Processes Child Support Payments?

Support payments are received, recorded and processed by the Support Payment Clearinghouse:

Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE)
Support Payment Clearinghouse
P.O. Box 52107
Phoenix, AZ 85072-2107
(602) 506-3762

Disbursement Correspondence Unit
PO Box 40458
Phoenix, AZ 85067

Overnight Express payments can be sent to:
Arizona State Disbursement Unit
Attention: 1st Floor DCSS Receptionist
3443 North Central Avenue, #100
Phoenix, AZ 85012

For additional information, visit the Arizona Department of Economic Security website.


Child Support Termination

If you only have one child subject to your child support order (i.e., you only had one child to begin with or the older children have graduated) and the youngest child reaches 18 years old and graduates from high school (whichever is later), your ongoing child support obligation terminates at such time. However, you may still have an Order of Assignment (income withholding order) providing for child support deductions from your income. You should confirm with your employer that the withholding order no longer requires such deductions. If your child support order and/or Order of Assignment does not make this clear, you should file a motion with the Court to terminate the Order of Assignment. 

Child Support Modifications

The Court may modify its child support orders so long as a parent can show a material and  continuing change of circumstances. 

If the parenting time changes, this may be sufficient for a modification of the child support award. If your income changes or the other party’s income changes you may be entitled to a modification of your child support award. If a child no longer requires child care expenses, you may be entitled to a modification of your child support award. If the child’s health care insurance changes, or if you change who pays such health insurance, you may be entitled to a modification of your child support amount. If you have more than one child under the child support order and one of more of the older children reaches 18 years old and graduates from high school, you may be entitled to modify the child support order.  Child support orders do not change automatically. Rather, you will need to file a motion with the Court (or a stipulation if both parties agree to the new child support amount). 

Modifications can be made back to the date of filing of the motion to modify. Thus, it is very important that you file your modification as soon as possible after you are aware of the changed circumstances that support such modification. 

We recommend reviewing any potential child support modification with a child support modifications attorney in Phoenix. You cannot just reduce your child support without a Court order. For example, if one of the children graduates, that does not mean that you can reduce your child support without a court order. Even if the other party agrees to a reduction, such should be confirmed in writing and stipulated to pursuant to a formal court order. Otherwise, you may have a very unpleasant shock later when the other parent asks for substantial back child support or child support arrears that you thought you did not have to pay.

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Child Support Calculation

Additional Information and Resources

If you are still hungry for more information, the Arizona Supreme Court website is a tremendous resource where, in addition to the child support calculator (above), you can find the following:

How Much Will I Receive from Child Support?

During your initial consultation with the firm, we can provide you with an estimate regarding what we believe you are entitled to receive for child support, or what you may have to pay depending upon the circumstances.

 Child support is based upon Arizona Statutes and the Arizona Child Support Guidelines. The amount of child support in Arizona depends on each parent’s gross income, the number of parenting days throughout the year that each parent has, childcare costs, medical and dental insurance for the children, educational costs, the children’s ages, whether the children have special needs, and other factors described in the Arizona Child Support Guidelines. The Supreme Court Child Support web page provides a child support calculator and additional general information.

How Bishop, Del Vecchio & Beeks Law Office, P.C. Can Help

At Bishop, Del Vecchio & Beeks Law Office, P.C., we help answer questions regarding child support and parenting time at our  Phoenix and  Tempe law offices.  You will find a number of helpful resources, with much more information and helpful resources throughout our website. If you’re not familiar with how Arizona child support laws might affect your situation, we suggest you get started by reviewing our website and the Child Support Guidelines in Arizona to get a basic understanding of the law, and learn what you can expect to encounter. Child support issues can arise if you are going through a divorce, if you are already divorced, or if you have children outside of marriage. If you would like further education regarding child support issues, contact our Phoenix child support lawyers for help.

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Additional Child Support Information