How to Save Attorney Fees and Costs and Obtain the Most out Of Your Legal Representation in Divorce and Other Family Law Cases

Whether you hire Bishop, Del Vecchio & Beeks Law Office or another firm, here are some tips on saving fees and getting the most out of your representation.

First and foremost, a good attorney-client relationship is a partnership. The client expects the attorney to provide top notch legal services. The attorney expects the client to be honest, and to provide ongoing and updated relevant information and documents as requested during the process.  When we draft documents on your behalf, we provide all such drafts of correspondence and Court documents to you  before we file or send them to ensure that they are accurate and consistent with your positions. The attorney and client should be calculating the best game plan together during all aspects of the case.

How to Limit Your Fees and Increase the Opportunity for Best Results

What You Should Expect from Your Attorney

Our Requests for a Productive and Efficient Attorney-Client Relationship

Thank you for considering Bishop, Del Vecchio & Beeks Law Office regarding your family law needs.