Initial Consultation

In Preparation for your Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation is much more than a “meet and greet”, or a marketing pitch. Rather, it is the intent of our family law attorneys to learn the material facts of your case, to answer your questions, and to provide you with expert feedback regarding your specific questions and goals. It is our intent to provide you with an initial game plan and options on how best to proceed forward with your case.

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Being involved in a family law or divorce case can be very intimidating to people that are not familiar with the court system and the legal process.  With that being said, below are some recommended steps and information to help you prepare for your initial consultation:

Can I bring my children to the consultation?

It is best if your minor children do not come to the consultation with you. It is good practice to not speak of legal matters in front of your minor children, especially if they are part of the case. They do not need to hear any of the confidential information addressed during the consult. However, we are aware sometimes you do not have childcare or other options, and we will accommodate your children. In such event, please bring books, an electronic tablet or other items to keep them busy in a separate room while you are meeting with the attorney (If the children are infants and are unable to understand what is being discussed during the consultation they can stay in the room with you.)