Arizona Divorce Overview for 2019

By Logan Matura and Jacqueline Marzocca, law students and legal interns. Overview of Divorce In Arizona, before a court can grant your petition for divorce, you need only state one legally acceptable reason (ground) for your request. The only grounds which are recognized for divorce in Arizona are that the marriage is “irretrievably broken” or… read more

The Correlation Between Technology and Divorce [Infographic]

Technology and Divorce: Is There a Correlation? In this day and age, we live in a technology-driven world which has allowed us to grow and evolve as as a society, but unfortunately the effects are not always positive. Family law attorneys are more frequently seeing social media as the main source of divorce cases. Social… read more

100 Cities That Spent The Most Money On Ashley Madison

In our post you’ll find the Spend of Male Members on Ashley Madison as well as the Average Spend by User in Top 100 Cities. If you click through you’ll see how we’ve ranked the average spend per user in the Top 100 cities in our list.

Checking for Cheaters: Who is Searching the Ashley Madison List?

According to new research, just under seven percent of Americans have checked to see if their partner is on the Ashley Madison user list. A survey of 1,500 people from across the U.S. shows that the vast majority of Americans – 93.3 percent –  have chosen not to look for their loved one’s information in any database or are not… read more

Do You Need a Social Media Prenuptial Agreement?

As we’ve discussed, technology has made its way into divorce courts as it’s become a part of everyday life.

Remarriage and Spousal Support: Sorting Out the Details

For a person who is married at a young age and divorces within a relatively short period of time, he or she has many youthful years to consider a second marriage. Of course, anyone who is going into marriage having been through a divorce, there is probably a lot of knowledge gained between the two… read more

Arizona Divorce: Covenant Marriages

Is the divorce process different for Arizona covenant marriages? Throughout the course of this blog, divorce has generally been discussed in terms of basic marriage agreements. Under these circumstances, an individual doesn’t need a specific reason to file for divorce. In other words, it is a no-fault arrangement. It’s worth noting, however, that Arizona law… read more

Divorce: Inherited Debt and Property

Inherited Debt and Property In the previous post, we discussed an important issue that might face many couples as they approach divorce: What happens to inherited property? According to property division lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona law provides a clear-cut answer. Inherited assets are considered to be separate property, no matter when ownership is transferred. However, there… read more

How Assets Get Divided in a Divorce

When a person designates estate beneficiaries, it’s a very intentional move. Creating a will for the purpose of distributing assets and property is all about creating a legacy. For many people, this means providing for loved ones after passing away. What Determines How an Asset is Divided? Given the value — sentimental or financial —… read more

Spousal Support Payments in Arizona

How Long Must Spousal Support Payments Be Made? No matter how you cut it, divorce introduces change into lives of couples seeking to split up. Families that once relied on the contributions — financial and otherwise — of two adults are split in two. This can obviously create financial challenges, particularly if one spouse has… read more