The Correlation Between Technology and Divorce [Infographic]

Technology and Divorce: Is There a Correlation?

In this day and age, we live in a technology-driven world which has allowed us to grow and evolve as as a society, but unfortunately the effects are not always positive. Family law attorneys are more frequently seeing social media as the main source of divorce cases.

Social media has made it as easy as a click of a button to meet new people or have our next date available at our fingertips. For some, social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Tinder have lead people to meet the man or woman of their dreams. Even rekindled old flames, or connect with their soulmates. But for others, social media has torn relationships and marriages apart for the same reasons.

Not only can social media cause jealousy, arguments and insecurities, it can also lead to infidelity. In fact, 1 out of 3 divorces begins with an online affair. And 30% of those affairs start off as emails, which lead to text messages and later to physical contact.

Technology and Divorce Statistics

Can Social Media Can Be Used as Evidence?

Social media and other forms of technology can not only cause divorce, but it can also be used as evidence in divorce cases. Divorce attorneys can use social media to prove:

  • A person’s state of mind
  • Communication (i.e. text messages, emails, dating apps)
  • Time and place of specific events
  • A person’s actions (i.e. proof of infidelity)

Some couples even go as far as to bash their almost-ex on social media while going through a divorce case, which can also be used as evidence against them in court. Because this is so prevalent, many couples are now signing social media prenuptial agreements to avoid these issues down the road.

If social media is impacting your marriage, you’re going through a digital divorce, or you would like to speak to a lawyer about a social media prenup, contact a divorce attorney today to discuss your options.