Addressing the needs of Arizona same-sex couples

Same-sex marriage is among the hottest topics in the country right now. Every week, it seems, there is a new development in legislative and judicial efforts to expand marriage rights to include all couples.

As it currently stands, Arizona has a constitutional amendment that bars the state government from recognizing same-sex unions. However, just as is the case in many other states, the amendment is being challenged in a federal district court, according to a news report. Although the suit has been filed on behalf of seven couples and two surviving partners, no trial date has been scheduled.

The state of legal recognition for same-sex relationships is clearly in flux in the Grand Canyon State, which is why couples may need some guidance.

Even though Arizona same-sex couples may maintain their lives as though they’re married — sharing residential property and financial assets — they do not have the given framework of divorce to end their relationship if need be. At the same time, couples may have difficulty moving forward with a breakup even if they have been married in a state that recognizes same-sex marriages.

This is where a domestic partnership or cohabitation agreement can come into play. Much like a prenuptial agreement crafted for marrying couples, a domestic partnership document can outline ownership of property and how it would be divided in the event of a split. Of course, long-term couples don’t intend on breaking up, but life happens.

Our firm has the experience necessary to form a domestic partnership agreement for same-sex couples. Knowing the complex and evolving legal landscape of LGBT family law, this kind of experience truly counts.

Not only that, but our team takes pride in providing clear guidance in clear language to couples who seek to enter into this type of legal agreement. This may be another important qualification given the potential for laws to shift in Arizona.

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