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I’m extremely proud of the recognitions I’ve earned, like Certified Family Law Specialist, Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers and Arizona Top Attorneys. But I’ve learned one of my greatest strengths is delivering practical advice, in plain language, when my clients need it most.

— William Bishop

Phoenix Child Custody Attorney on Legal Decision-Making

One of the first things you should know about establishing child custody is that legal terminology has changed. Although the term custody remains in common usage, today the term legal decision-making refers to the right and responsibility to determine things like education, healthcare and religious practice. This can present a big challenge right from the start, as a family law attorney needs to take time to ensure clients are aware of what legal terms mean and why they’re important.

Our attorneys understand that during family law proceedings clients are more concerned with outcomes rather than legal language. The ability to present the most important information in a calm and reassuring way is just one of the things that sets the team at Bishop Law Office apart as Phoenix divorce lawyers.

Top 3 Misconceptions About Family Law Matters

Many people still hold an outdated view when it comes to things like child support, post-decree modification and other aspects of establishing legal decision-making. Let’s take a moment to clear up three of the most common misconceptions that clutter family law matters:

1. The better parent gets more time with children

It seems to make sense that children will spend more time with the parent they like better, or the one who demonstrates better parenting skills. But a good Phoenix child custody lawyer will tell you that’s not necessarily the case. Both parents enter a divorce with equal rights to their children, and it’s up to them to prove it to a court if they feel they’re entitled to more time.

2. Time with children is determined by gender

Even with very young children, a father is presumed to have just as much a right as the mother when it comes to parenting time. This, again, represents the responsibility held by family law practitioners to be honest and up front with their clients. It’s critical to clear up these types of misunderstandings early in order to avoid the disadvantages they create.

3. There’s no forgiveness for past mistakes

Everyone has a skeleton or two in their closet, and that doesn’t necessarily mean it bars them from joint custody or parenting time. One of the greatest advantages of working with a family law specialist is getting through issues like substance abuse or past crimes in a supportive environment free of judgment.

Your Phoenix Family Law Attorneys

As we’ve learned, there are quite a few pitfalls when it comes to establishing legal decision-making. That’s why it’s crucial to find an attorney with solid experience in even the most complex facets of family law. You’ll find the best attorneys offer a number of options for representation in order to meet your individual needs. Bishop Law Office will be honored to represent you in your family law matter, but urges you to seek out quality representation regardless of who you choose. Don’t leave your family law matter to chance. To schedule an initial consultation with an experienced family law attorney, contact Bishop Law Offices today.

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